PBD-PSC Technology

We are focused on developing new and improved solutions for improving and extending the life of companion animals and horses through bioscience, utilizing stem cells, blood fractions, including platelet rich plasma, and peptides shown to treat various common degenerative conditions.

We are the successor to years of scientific research conducted by our founder, Dr. Vasilis “Bill” Paspaliaris, a pioneer in the field of Adipose derived stem cells, through his company Adistem; and we are the benefactor of his continuing efforts through research conducted both in his laboratory and through affiliate research centers, each providing further understanding and unlocking the great potential of regenerative medicine.

Since our formation in late 2015, we have completed the development of our newly offered PRIMOSTEM CPStm, a method and process for recovering therapeutic quantities of a non-immunogenic parathyroid hormone receptor positive pluripotent stem cell derived from peripheral blood, that exhibits potential in both regenerative and therapeutic procedures in Animals (the PBD-PSC Technology) and we have begun working directly with distinguished practitioners in the field of Veterinarian medicine, who report promising clinical results from use of our PRIMOSTEM CPStm, in addressing a number of medical conditions treated in their clinics.

Antigen-Specific Immunotherapy

Antigen-Specific Immunotherapy Technology employs a process developed by Paspa, in which various proprietary immortal tissue cell lines (“Proprietary Tissue Cell Lines”) are processed using a proprietary method, also developed and tested by Paspa, in which the live cells of a particular tissue line are lysed through use of ultrasound, thereby destroying the living cell and rendering the cell’s membrane fragments, while also sterilizing the liquid containing the fragmented cells. The rendered cell membranes are then potentized” through homeopathic succussion/dilution techniques by a licensed FDA-cGMP approved manufacturing facility, for delivery, as what is known as a “sarcode” in “isopathy or “iso-organotherapy,” a subset of homeopathy, and sold as an FDA registered OTC drug.

Paspa, through both laboratory and clinical testing, has demonstrated that these various Proprietary Tissue Cell Lines, as processed into an isopathic sarcode liquid or spray, when administered over a recommended period of time, evidence a dampening down of the body’s own antibody aggression against the body’s own tissues targeted by the specific Proprietary Tissue Cell Line rendered into an isopathic sarcode, thereby also converting the body’s aggressive immune response cells, attacking the bodies self-tissue, into cells capable of protecting against disease (i.e. immune tolerance).