We are a life science company, engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of new treatments for animals utilizing breakthrough discoveries by pioneers in stem cell and other bioscience based technologies, supported by university research and a product development organization. The Company has been formed by its parent company Tithon Biotech, Inc. (“Tithon Biotech”) to undertake the commercialization of the technologies derived from such discoveries within the animal market, and has been granted the global rights to the commercial development of the technologies within such animal markets.


The Company is managed by it Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mark Kyle, who is under the direction of the Company’s Board of Directors comprised of Dr. Bill Paspaliaris and Mr. Peter Milonas. The Company also receives support from officers of its parent company, Tithon Biotech including Tithon Biotech’s Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Richard Schmidt, and its Director of Legal and Compliance, Mr. David Strawn.