primostem600Tithon Animal Sciences, Inc., a California corporation, announced the introduction of its PRIMOSTEM CPStm, a proprietary method and process for veterinarian physicians to obtain non-immunogenic parathyroid hormone receptor positive pluripotent stem cells from their patient’s peripheral blood, for use in addressing animal degenerative medical conditions. These never before available stem cells, obtained through Tithon’s PRIMOSTEM CPStm , are being made available to a limited number of participating veterinarian clinics through Tithon’s authorized cell processing laboratory, upon submission by participating veterinarian physicians of  a simple peripheral blood draw, eliminating the need to extract and process  either adipose tissue or bone marrow.

About Tithon Animal Sciences, Inc. Tithon Animal Sciences, Inc. is a California corporation (the “Company”) formed, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tithon Biotech, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Tithon Biotech”), to undertake the commercialization of certain technologies, including products, methods, processes and procedures, along with related intellectual property, developed by pioneers in the field of cell therapies (collectively the “Tithon Technologies”) to address animal degenerative medical conditions. The Company has been granted licenses to market and sell these Tithon Technologies to veterinary clinics and medical practices throughout the world engaged in the treatment of animal degenerative medical conditions. See